Nerdy Stuff + Beautiful People + Charity = Awesomeness



It used to be conventional thought that there were no such thing as girl nerds.  Before you say it, yes, there have always been girls who were smart at either math or science and therefore got the label “nerd” but they were never really true nerds.  Some of you know what I mean and others have just unsubscribed.

For those of you still with us you also know that recently that trend has changed.  There are a lot of girl nerds out there who truly fit the definition.  Probably one of the most iconic examples would be Felicia Day.  With the work on “The Guild”* she has proven that not only do girl nerds exist, some of them are super cute.

Well three other ladies who are probably lesser known are the ladies ofwww.zaxy.com.  Not only are Britt, Kristina, and Tara very beautiful ladies they are nerds.  I mean the nerdiest of nerds.  They know more about nerd culture and things than any of my two nerd guy friends combined (myself included).

Their blog site seems to cover everything from nerd art, to nerd culture, to nerd love, and even Doctor Who references.  Yes their blog site is a bit on the nerdy side but why are we covering it because nerds alone don’t help to decrease world suck.  Well its because of things like their post on Child’s Play.

I admit that I am a nerd which is part of why I like this website so much.  But when they put up info for a Charity that can combine my love of games and a way to help those that are less fortunate they got my attention.  What better way to encourage people to decrease world suck than to do it with something they love.

Not every site we pick is going to be nerdy related or have some sort of charity tie in.  Some of them may just be designed to help bring a smile to your face.  This one just happens to do all three for some people.



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