YouTube Review — RattlingTongue



First thing I should mention as I write this, she has never read all of the Harry Potter books (pause for a moment to give to time to react with shock.) However, with someone this talented it is easy to find it within yourself to forgive her. Despite only posting two videos so far she has managed to seriously impress me. I amn’t quite sure what exactly it is about her videos that makes them so entertaining, it might be the humorous honesty (see the starting admission.) Perhaps it is the energy that seems to go into her videos, or even the cheesy piece of advice (from, of course, her mother.)

I’m not sure it matters though, what does matter is that Rattlingtongue is one of, in my opinion at least, the best new YouTubers around today.  It is difficult to write about a vlogger, hard to capture the energy that the good ones have, so I would ask you to trust me, click on the link below, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

If you know a great but unheard of channel, recommend it to us, we love to hear from you with any suggestions and comments on our articles.  If you liked the article and want to take a look at Rattlingtongue click HERE



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