The Bloggess



Once in a while a voice speaks up so loud and so true that it cannot be ignored.  In that way @thebloggess reminds me a lot of JoJo from “Horton Hears a Who”.  For those who may not be familiar JoJo was the smallest of Who’s from Whoville who made the loudest truest noise and saved his tiny village from sure destruction.

I want to be very clear about @thebloggess.  Her voice, it is not small, its is loud and true and clear and bright and brilliant! First she describes a huge gap in the mental process about what exactly depression is and how it effects people.  She is clear that one who survives depression is every bit as much of a survivor as one who survives cancer or a car accident.

It is also very apparent that this post is designed to decrease the maximum amount world suck as possible because she tells her own story and the things she has, is, and will go through.  It takes a very strong person to share their own story and especially one like this.

I have no idea what the rest of her blog is about but this one blog post moves her to the top of the awesome human scale.  Loud, true, clear, bright voices are had to find but when you do its a wonderful thing!



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