The Queen (J.K. Rowling) Has Returned


J.K.Rowling’s most anticipated website is coming very soon! Her original website,of course, has all the updates and a summary of her new book. Click here tovisit her site. However, the up and coming website”PotterMore” is a new way to experience the books we grew up with.The site is in cahoots with Sony and has been anticipated for quite some time.Rowling says in the video that this is to be a, “safe unique online readingexperience.” And it is obvious that they have gone to some lengths to makesure it will be safe for children. Pottermore is still in the Beta stages. And has been through a large upheaval after the Beta users sent in their feedback. Butt here is still plenty to explore in the mean time. The bottom links such as”Pottermore Insider” will reveal several helpful links and the uniqueartwork of users. The entirety of the site is set to release this month.



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