Fandoms Do Matter


For those of you that follow this blog you know that I am a big supporter of a project that is being spearheaded over in the World of Warcraft community by Athene.  The website is www.opsharecraft.com and they continue to march towards their goal on an amazing pace.  They are live streaming everyday to keep up awareness and Athene just announced he is going on a hunger strike to show his solidarity.  In the interest of full disclosure I will tell you I am not a big fan of Athene’s because he is cocky and arrogant acting like he is the best at every game ever made.  Athene has talent but he is certainly not the best gamer at every game.  That aside though I cannot help but get behind this project because love him or hate him he is making a difference.  This video is just one example of how much this means to him and Maral.

This however is just one community that has landed on my radar in the past six months for communities that are doing or have done good things to raise money or awareness.

Some of the communities I want to highlight are: Nerd Fighters, Supernatural fans, Harry Potter fans, and Doctor Who fans.  Check the break for more info on each one.

Nerd Fighters: This is a group that prides itself on being made of awesome.  Their mission in life is to decrease world suck.  Many of you who follow us will know that we are an extension of that community. Every year since 2007 (exact source needed) the Vlogbrothers have put on the Project for Awesome where they encourage the entire YouTube Nation to contribute videos highlighting their favorite charity.  This last year, in 2011, they then allowed anybody and everybody to vote on their favorite video/charity and the top 5 charities had the money divided among them.  Raising over $70,000 USD in just over 48hrs I would call it a success.

Supernatural Fans: One of the actors in the community (Jared Padalecki) had a baby boy born on October 11, 2011.  As expected with a lot of actors and actresses the fan base was very excited and wanted to find a way to congratulate the couple.  When Mr. Padalecki got wind of this he directed the fans to donate money to St. Jude Children’s Hospital promising to match donations.  Best report I can find states that over $40,000 USD was raised for the hospital

Harry Potter Fans: Harry Potter fans are known to be very passionate about their fandom.  Out of the passion was born the Harry Potter Alliance.  Their mission at its core is very simple.  Take the themes from Harry Potter and apply it to the muggle world affecting social change.  With campaigns such as “Not in Harry’s Name” where the HPA encourages Warner Brothers (they own the rights to the HP merchandise and movies) to use only fair trade chocolate in their chocolate frogs and “Accio Book Drive”, usually held annually, to collect donated books for children the HPA has done things that some older and more established charities cannot do.

Doctor Who Fans:  Also known as Whovians, this fandom came together when the actress who played Sara Jane, the only actress to ever play her in both the old and new series, passed away.  In a very short time two fans raised over £6,000 British Pounds with out a lot of press or advertising to back it up.

Its these types of things that shock and amaze me.  With just taking these few examples of fan based initiatives there has been ten’s of thousand’s of dollars raised.  All of these acts are completely selfless as the majority of the people who do the leg work will never be recognized. I am just amazed every time something like these things goes off.

We at DFTBA News encourage you to get involved with a community.  It doesn’t matter if you donate money, time, or just words to the cause.  Helping out in any way, can make a difference.

I also personally wanted to say Thank You, Thank You fandoms for being awesome and thank you for not succumbing to the societal norms! Keep doing your thing!



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