They Said: Introductions


Introductions are a tricky things. Depending on how well they do or do not go, they often alter people’s opinions of others permanently.  So I uh, better not mess this up, huh? When I was 17 I went through a phase where I devoured etiquette and manners books but I find that they have ill prepared me for introducing myself to an audience that I cannot yet see. I suppose we can just start with the basics then.

Hello! My name is Sonnet Stockmar. I recently turned 20 years old. I love word puns. I am currently listening to Boyfriend by Justin Bieber.  Good start, good start. I am here to be the “she” voice of DFTBA News’ He Said/She Said column, though Vondell and I are usually in agreement  on most things. How I see this playing out is that I will state an opinion in a very rough manner and then Vondell will have slightly better points and be very well spoken. It has, if I’m being quite honest, been quite a while since I wrote anything besides a blog post so please bear with me while I clean up my rusty writing skills and dust off my ill used punctuation. I dare-say it would be comforting to you guys to know what makes me qualified  to give you advice. Let’s see, uh…so far I’ve managed to keep a positive out look on life despite the events that have happened in mine.

I am compassionate towards others, and I enjoy helping people. This all sounds so weak to me, I’ve always been terrible at complimenting myself and describing my strength but I guess I had better get used to it. I am reading this back and it sounds like a diary entry. I literally talk like this in my diary.  Huh. Well. If you want a glimpse inside my head then read this because it is basically just a stream of my conscious thought. There is very little filter. I hope we get to know each other better in the coming weeks, and that you won’t allow this feeble introduction to affect our relationship.

Well, my time is up and I thank you for yours. – Sonnet

I’m Vondell. I’m a nearly-nineteen-year-old multimedia artist from Dayton, Ohio. I like long walks on the beach, cute cats, and using images and materials to communicate complex ideas without using words. In the fall of this year I will be moving to Portland, Oregon to attend school at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

I try to live by a few core values; I do my best to be kind to other people, I try to have a generally positive impact on human society as a whole, and I strive to go to sleep every day knowing more about the world I live in than I did when I woke up. I think that a strong sense of empathy combined with a healthy sense of wonder can take a person very far.

I love art because I’m fascinated by the idea of transferring thoughts and ideas nonverbally, which is what art, fundamentally, is about. Art provides an unlimited array of ways to communicate an idea — a thought, a mood, an emotion, a concept, a solution to a problem — directly and purely from one brain to another without ever having to translate them into absolute words and phrases, which are cumbersome and often entirely inadequate. (He says as he writes a newspaper column.)

Like pretty much every member of my generation, I’ve grown up with the internet, and like most of us it has greatly shaped who I am as a person and the ways in which I think about the world. I consider myself to be a very open person, which pretty much stems directly from interacting with and learning from my large and extremely diverse group of friends and acquaintances. I try to be the best person that I can be, and I’m nowhere near perfect at it, but I think that I’m doing okay.

I’ve never written for a column before, or for any sort of publication, so this is gonna be an adventure! Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it proves to be worth reading. – Vondell


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