They Say Mother Earth is Breathing…


“Treat the Earth well.  It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children.”

This Kenyan Proverb is a spot on description about how we should feel about the planet.  Instead it seems we, as a collective human kind, see the Earth as a possession that we can do what we will with and discard it when we are done.  The problem with that logic is that we have the next generation to consider, and if we leave them nothing what can you build from that?

There is much debate on global warming.  Is it real? Is it something imbedded in truth but exaggerated by the environmentalist movement just to make money?  Is it human generated or just normal climate shifts?

How about this… Who cares? The point is not if you believe in global warming.  The point is do we want to leave a beat up and worn out planet for our next generation or do we want to give them something that is even better than when we got it.  I see people all the time washing their cars, painting their houses, and putting insignificant things behind glass just because we deem them collectable.  All of those things can be replaced but we only get one Earth.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. The problem is that Earth Day should not just be one day. We need to celebrate the Earth everyday.  Not because some person who works for the EPA or Al Gore tells us to but because its what we need to do to make sure the next generation has something to call home.



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