What is Mint?


Mint.com is a readily available application for smart phones. It’s a financial tracking and goal setting app. Mint is an easy and visual way to see where your money is going. Here’s the catch, you have to attach your Mint account to your Bank Account. Undoubtedly the first question to ask it “Is it safe?” The creator of the program has stated that it is as safe “all things considered.” After reading this, I just became more concerned. However, this app does not allow anyone to move money. There’s no numbers needed. Sign in, find bank, put in bank username and password, tah dah! As long as you have proper security passwords or security questions for your bank account, there should be nothing to worry about. I decided to go ahead and download this app and give it a whirl. It’s actually really helpful. It even gives you a pie chart of where your credit/debit card is being used. Food, fast food, restaurants, gas, groceries, bills etc. And as someone who never really knows how much is in my bank account, this is a Godsend. The only real downside is that you can only assign one “goal” to one account. So while I’d very likely save for a new car and a home with the same savings account, I cannot do this on the site. You have to use your checking or separate account. But you can always choose to “pick bank account later” and track it on the site rather than on your phone. Anyway, the reason I chose to write about this app today, is to give it the credit it deserves. In a world where everything is public and identity theft is a serious issue, it is easy to step away from something like this. But it is secure. It is helpful. And it will alert you if your money starts being used in unusual ways. I urge college students, potential home buyers, and even high school students working on buying that first car to download this app.



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