White House Correspondents Dinner


So this weekend contained one of my favourite political moments of the year, the White House Correspondents dinner. This is, for any non-american person, a bit of a comedy dinner done by the president. This year’s one was as good as any before. Obama stood up after a quick gag with a pretend mess up over leaving his mic on, and proceeded to do what is always done, executing a well done speech.

I like this event because it reminds us of a lot of things. That presidents are human, that they are good at communicating both comidicxaly and politically, and that it is never inappropriate to make jokes about putting dogs on car roofs. (watch the video and that will make more sense.)

So whether you watch it or not, just remember when you are thinking about politics, there is
more to it than the stuffy old men in overgrand rooms.



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