DFTBA News: Senior Positions


DFTBA News is expanding and looking for two Senior Positions, creative designer, and of course staff/contributing writers.  These positions are open to both new members and existing staff if the requirements can be met.  As of right now the senior positions are volunteer positions and the one time position is negotiable.

-Senior Positions-

Social Media Director: In this position you would be in charge of setting up and maintaining the presence of DFTBA News across multiple social media platforms.  These platforms would include but are not limited to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (used mostly for events).

YouTube Director: In this position you will be in charge of running DFTBA News’s collaboration blog style news shows. At first your primary job will include a direct hand in creating, editing, and posting content.  As we continue to expand and grow this position will take on a more management roll.

-One Time Positions-

Creative Designer: DFTBA News is looking to lock in our image.  We need somebody who is capable of creating a logo that can be used as a website banner, twitter icon, Facebook profile picture, letter head, YouTube and other applications.  The logo can vary slightly but needs to remain of the same design block and be able to be sized +/-200% and remain readable.

If you are interested please send a resumé and any other information you feel qualifies your for the position to dftbanews@gmail.com.  No direct experience or education is required as we will work with the right candidate.

~Senior Staff


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