Good Tidings for Gamers



I bring awesome tidings to anyone who loves Skyrim. They have announced long anticipated downloadable content (DLC). The announcement covered only one image, shown above, and the name, Dawngaurd.


                               Skyrim; continuing to be badasses


Skyrim’s creators Bethesda Studios have already announced that all of the DLC will be large ones (think Knights of the Nine, or Shivering Isles, as opposed to Horse Armour *cough*.) Apart from this, not much has been released as of yet with regards to what the DLC will entail. However, within the newest patch of Skyrim (1.5) coding was found that appeared to contain programming that related to crossbows, snow elves, and certain expansions to vampires. The general consensus is that this programming will be part of the DLC.

In related gaming news the newest instalment of the Call Of Duty series has been announced, the video of it, linked here, is a must watch and is certainly something that bodes awesomely for all of gaming. Appearing to be set some time in the not so distant future, where according to the narrator the “enemy stole the keys” of some uber-advanced weaponry, resulting in mass warfare in what appears to be Los Angeles.

Both of these will be fully announced at this years E3 expo on the 5-7 of June. With a month to go it is already shaping up to be a great year for the expo.




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