Happy Mothers Day!



Today is Mother’s Day.  Remember that none of us would be here if it were not for our Mothers.

Mothers are responsible for loving and caring for us when we are infants. Then as we grow they continue to encourage when we do well and push us to do better when we need it most.  As we become adults our Mothers are there for us as confidants that we can tell anything to.

Not every body has a relationship with their biological mother but almost everybody has that one person in their life who has helped them though a tough time.  So even if its not your mother but especially if it is take a moment today and give them a call or go and visit them and thank them for all they have done.

The video is from a channel I have fallen in love with since it began called Source Fed.  There are many great stories on that channel but the one about Mothers Day was really something special.   Check them out AFTER you call your Mom and wish her happy mothers day!



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