Royalty + Vidcon + You = Epicocity


King of the web wants to send you to @Vidcon

What?  Who?  Why? You might be asking.

For those who are unaware www.kingofweb.com runs a bi-monthly (it happens twice a month peoples) contest to crown kings and queens of the web in categories that range from vlog to gaming to beauty to overall.  Then in August they have the BATTLE ROYALE (tiers 1 & 2) for a mega grand prize.

Well for those who are daring enough to enter the ring for the contest running from May 16th – 31st will have a chance to win something special.  That something is: 2 tickets to VidCon, Hotel Accommodations, and a 500$ gift card to Disney Land.  That is roughly a $1000.00 prize for EACH category winner.  When you consider that when category winners (overall excluded) usually only gets a $500.00 gift card, it’s a big deal.

So come one and come all.  Anybody who is interested is encouraged to enter because anybody can win!


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