DFTBA News: Still Growing


I like to write. I like to think deeply about something and try to distil it into something readable. I like to hear the well thought responses. DFTBA News is committed to those passions. However this would never be realised without the support of you, our readers. We love hearing from you, and we hope that you will respond to our pieces. Through our Tumblr and our website you can comment or even contact us. (dftbanews(@)gmail.com)

Then again, if you want to join our side of this conversation, you can become one of the team. Currently we are looking for two senior management positions. These include a position on the board of directors and management of an entire area. This is not a time consuming thing, an hour or two a week.

Alternatively you can become a writer, editor, or even a YouTube video maker. These positions are rewarding, completely negotiable and good fun. If you enjoy having that voice, you would enjoy this.

I also want to remind you of our website again. It is something that we are really passionate about. We love our relationship with you, our readers, and we hope to grow it.



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