Response: Rape myths, rape culture, and the damage done


Under this cut are spoilers for City of Lost Souls, but also an in-depth discussion of sexual assault as it pertains to books in general and The Mortal Instruments in specific, with a discussion of rape culture and rape myths. There is also an excerpt from a scene that contains a violent physical assault.

Original Article


The post above the dotted line is a long post that is well thought out, wonderfully explained, and will give anybody with an open mind something to think about. Also it needs to be read to understand the rest of this post…

Since there is little known about me and this post has cause for it I would like to share a few pieces of information about me that have yet to be shared publicly. I am 31 years of age and have a 8yr old daughter and 9yr old son. I live in the upper-mid-west state of South Dakota. My personal and political views are very diverse and even when I don’t agree I strive very very hard to at the very least understand where someone is coming from.

Now that you know a bit about me the bulk of this post is going to become a real question. This is not a ploy, gimmick or joke. I am a real person with real feelings just like the people who you see every day. I am going to talk about my daughter in this post in a very real and honest way and I request that respect is shown. If it is not this post will be deleted and you will never hear another personal thing about me again. I know it seems harsh but I protect my family above everything else.

My question/concern comes from a father who wants to make as few mistakes as possible. I want to know how to express some of the themes and overtones from the article to my daughter.

How do I explain to my daughter that she can dress how she desires (the caviat is that I, as her father and along with her mother, dictate how she dresses until she is 18 with these simple rules. If I can see up it, down it, or through it you are not wearing it.)….


That is if she dresses certain ways it may cause mentaly sick people to react to her in an unpleasant way…


They don’t have a right to act that way…


That may not stop them…


Here are some steps on protecting yourself.

These are the discussions that I want to have with her so that she understands what is going on but I don’t her to ever be ashamed of her body for any reason. As a side note I will have a similar conversation with my son so that he understands that just because a girl dresses provacitively does not mean she wants anything else other than to dress that way.

These are realy concerns that I have and would like any an all advice or to have a real conversation about it then please fell free to send me a tell or post it in the comments of this article. Thank you.



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