Alex Day Releases 3 New Songs


Alex Day is something of a hero for me. He never seems to care what people think, whether it is about his frankly rediculous clothing, or his videos he rarely does anything other that put the thing he has made on the internet and say “here it is, enjoy.” This level of relaxation is heroic and I find that it is really something we can all strive to emulate. 

I mention this because just recently he released three new songs. Now available on Itunes and elsewhere (the usual places) they are three wildly varied and brilliant songs. I really recomend that you listen to them, which you can do for free here, even if you have no intention of buying them.

The video in which he annouced the released is here, and it showcases once again his attitude to life.

I would say more, but I want these songs to stand for themselves.



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