Sad News: Bradbury dies at 91


Its a sad day when an icon passes away.  Ray Bradbury, author of “Fahrenheit 451”, was a legend among legends.  There are not many authors that have enjoyed his level of success and longevity in the writing business.

According to the linked source he penned over 600 stories and some 25+ books.  Two of my favorite books, and really my introduction to the Science Fiction / Fantasy genre, are “Fahrenheit 451” and “The Illustrated Man”.  These two books really illustrate what can be done within these genres.

“The Illustrated Man” spins the tale of a man who has tattos all over his body and how the come alive.  Now the stories themselves are not really connected but they are all framed by ‘The Illustrated Man’ who’s tattos where placed there by a woman in the future and they all tell an indvidual story.

“Fahrenheit 451” tells the story of an alternate distopian reality where society is plagued by televison and firemen set fires… specifically fires of books.  Burning them so that people cannot gain the dissenting knowledge that is contained with in them.

Both books are brilliant and wonderful and worth the read.  Its a sad day to lose such a wonderful contributor to liturature.  So instead of morning the loss I say we should celebrate his works!



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