I’m A Feminist Because… (@Soundlyawake tells us)



The only thing that I disagree with in this entire video is that “women’s struggle is pretty close to the gay struggle”.  Are there similarities? Yes… but I would not consider them close.

As a father of two children (one boy and one girl: defined by their sex not gender), that I have mentioned before, I can happily say yes to some of his questions.  Would I let me son play with a doll? Yes, I frequently do, in fact one of his favorite toys is the la la loopsy doll.  Would I let me daughter play football? Well no, because she is only eight and I don’t think you should play football that young… and that is another topic for another time, but when she is older if she wants to yes.  My daughter loves sports and on 06/04/12 I told my son he had to go to a baseball game because my daughter wanted to go and it was near her birthday.

I have said this to people close to me before.  People need to realize that people are special because they are people and for no other reason.  I don’t care if you are gay, straight, Asian, Mexican, American, British, African, cisgender, transgender, asexual, intersex, or anything else.  You are a person and that is all that is required for me to treat you as such.  I may or may not understand your particular lifestyle.  But I refuse to look down on a person  as a whole just because I don’t get it. So if I ask you a question please don’t look at me like I just insulted you because that is not my goal.  I want… no I need to learn.

So watch Soundly Awake’s video and learn something.



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