Faith in our Society


When most people think of religion they usually have a reaction of  acceptance and understanding or one of annoyance and disgust.  There is a third less spoken about reaction that is one of understanding and  annoyance.

The United States was founded the ideas of religious  freedom and tolerance. This was a far different from the norm in Europe  during the 18th century when the national religion seemed to be what  ever the King or Queen of the time found most appealing.

Still  because this was the norm most of the people who founded the US had deep seated beliefs that held them to a mostly generic code of conduct that  helped to generate the laws of the land.

Now days there is a  movement to completely remove religion from our society.  If we remove  the belief of a higher power then we start down a dangerous road.  Most  people are in agreement that power corrupts and if you take away the  fear and/or worship of a higher power that puts all of the power in the  hands of man.  If there is no other higher power than that of man all  that power goes to his head and begins to corrupt.

Shephard Book from Serenity said two things that I think are applicable in this context.

“Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I am talking about God?”


“I don’t care what you believe in, just believe in it.”

There is a lot to be said of belief in a higher power. If ones higher power  is God, Allah, Buddha, any of the more generic ones, or just a base code of conduct that is used to keep one in check when nobody is looking  then I would say its the right way to be.

Without parsing any  words the idea of our society without faith scares me.  I don’t think it would be good for our society for everybody to be prancing around with  the exact same belief system but I do believe that faith in something is what keeps our society running in the general direction of good.





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