The Book Report: 13 Little Blue Envelopes


“13 Little Blue Envelopes” by Maureen Johnson

So I tried reading “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Now as an English major, I am accustomed to difficult reading. But that book reads like a legal document. I understand that this is a very popular novel, but after a hundred and fifty pages I was out. And therefore I moved on to the girliest book on my “Haven’t read yet but really should get on it” shelf. Maureen Johnson writes young adult fiction focused mainly towards an audience of teen ladies. And every now and then a girl just needs a good story! So don’t blame this gal. Anyway, Maureen Johnson should be a familiar name to you Nerdfighters. So the novel “13 Little Blue Envelopes” takes place just about everywhere. It focuses on the travels of a young lady by the name of Ginny. Her “runaway aunt” has recently passed and has left quite the gift for her dear niece. Ginny is given a series of letters addressed to her from her late aunt to be opened at the completion of whatever task dubbed to her in the last one. The letters take her from London to Rome to who knows where else with just enough spending money to get around. Ginny not only explores the world outside her door but what lies outside the walls of her own mind. By the end of the novel you will want to pack up and leave on the next plane to anywhere.
And being that most of us are getting out of school and are probably in need of something as far away from “collegiate” as we can get, I recommend this novel highly. It is not poorly written by any means. It’s a wonderful and inspiring read that will keep you reading without making you feel as if you never left the classroom.
Please read and enjoy “13 Little Blue Envelopes.”

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