The Disney College Program


Do you drink from a Mickey Mouse cup in the morning? Do you cry every time you watch Fox and the Hound? Do you avoid watching Bambi at all costs because you know you’ll cry? You are not alone. And while others might prescribe growing up and aversion therapy, I say dive into the addiction!

If anyone is a follower of my rantings, you know that I completed the Disney College Program last fall. Now, I will be applying again for the Spring 2013 term. The application date is rumored to begin in early September. Knowing full well that the first time I was accepted that I had to decline the offer solely because I did not have the initial payment of $875 (For California), I figured it best to do this article well before the application date. This way if any of our readers are interested, there would be plenty of time to save up the money.

What is the program?

The DCP is a paid internship. You can live in apartments ($137 a week for went. $550 a month) or you can live elsewhere if you’re in the area. There are college accredited classes made available and a million opportunities awaiting the participants. Both professionally gainful and simply enjoyable events are held for the interns. While this program is fun and usually taken by those who are just in need of work experience or a semester to keep there “student” status, it is also highly recommended for those who wish to work for The Walt Disney Company as a career.

What would I do?

The participants of this program (CP’s) would work with the company. Anything from churro cart cashier to working as a desk clerk in one of the Disney hotels, CP’s will paid in variance to their role. Once a week there is a required Disney course that may require the purchase of books. The Walt Disney World program offers far more classes and opportunities, but however is in Florida. Nothing wrong with Florida, but I like my Disney “land” style, not “world.”

I realize this is less Nerdfighter related than some of the more recent articles. And definitely less heavy than some. However, this is by far one of the most Awesome opportunities for college students. Thousands apply, and no one is guaranteed a spot. I want to encourage our readers to research the program and possibly apply. There is a huge following of Disney lovers and this where they gather when it’s time to grow up. DFTBA and may the Mouse be with you!


DCP Graduate: Mousters

My Disney Blog: http://doingitdisneydcp.blogspot.com/


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