Second Level


I am done, finished. Finished what? Well I just finished second level education. The final hurdle of which was to take the leaving certificate examinations, which test, well, what really?
Do they test intelligence? Well no, not really, since it takes two years to learn anything and the most common definition of intelligence is the ability to process and understand information quickly? How about aptitude in a particular field of study important in later life? Ancient Greek, enough said.
I have talked about this before, the crushing meaninglessness of an exam that tests very little other than memory. I could complain that it is sexist, geared very strongly towards girls, who generally outpace guys in memory tests. Or I could complain that it is pointless. Or I could even accuse it of teaching false truths of life skills.
I could even say that it kills. It does that, Google it and you will even see a film about that as the top result, or who can forget the poor girl a few years ago. That’s what happens when you teach people for 14 years that school is life, and then tell them that they failed school.
I talked to Hank about Education, I would advise you to look back over that (Click here.) I do stand by my musings from then. Education is a broad and very vague word, and every country has a different meaning for it. This world has a lot of challenges, but do we really gain much from the subjects we learn?
So many people will agree that the subjects are pointless, but argue feebly that this is balanced by the importance of the social aspects of school, hardly an apt argument considering we can easily keep those and remove the bad subjects.
I wouldn’t mind hearing some of your thoughts; any of you just finished your leaving certs? Just remember, there is a lot more to life than the first 18 years.


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