Interview with The 8th Horcrux


Music is said to be the universal language.  There is little that can connect people groups better than a song.  Even if the words are not understood the music can break down language barriers and the emotion will join them together.  And then there is Harry Potter that has gotten more people to read that were not previously readers than almost any other book before it.  When you combine the two you have something amazing that is called Wizard Rock.

While doing our Reblog Saturday tour we came across a band called The 8th Horcrux and we decided to interview them.  Read through the interview for a special offer directly from the band

DFTBA:  Please introduce yourselves

T8H: Paul is 19 and from Ottawa, KS. He plays rhythm guitar, sings lead vocals, writes some lyrics, and does all the fun music production stuff. His popular writing credits include the lyrics for “I’m On a Broom”, “Socks”, “I Love Hogwarts”, and “(Ginny’s) Love Story”.

Trina is 19 and also from Ottawa, KS. She plays lead guitar, sings lead vocals, and writes some lyrics. Her popular writing credits include the lyrics for “Witch”, “In the Pensieve”, “Bellatrix’s Paramour’, and “I’m Awesome”.

DFTBA:  How long have you been making music together?

T8H: The 8th Horcrux has been together for almost three years, and our bandiversary is the same day as Harry’s birthday (July 31).

DFTBA:  Who are some of your major musical influences?

T8H: Wizard rockers that have influence are style include, most notably, Harry and the Potters. Paul was really inspired by their “Scarred for Life” EP, which is what got him into wizard rock in the first place. Other musical influences include “Weird Al” Yankovic, who got us into the parody business to begin with, and They Might Be Giants.

Paul: “In the summer of ‘09, I downloaded the ‘Scarred for Life’ EP and I really felt that the album was, musically, awesome and, lyrically, really dark. I liked that combination. Although songs like that aren’t as funny, I’ve used that formula on several of our songs, like ‘All the Slytherins (Better Run)’ [‘Pumped Up Kicks’ parody from the new album], and “Priori Incantatem” [‘Lightning Crashes’ parody that was released as a bonus track on ‘Ridiculously Wicked’].”

Trina: “Harry Potter, its elaborate alternate-universe, and the assortment of bands we’ve butchered, I mean, parodied, are our major influences.”

DFTBA:  Do you only play Wizard Rock or do you do other forms of parody music as well?

T8H: The 8th Horcrux is strictly wizard parody rock, but we also record under the name “Paul and Trina”. So far, we’ve recorded songs about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Office, and Doctor Who. Some songs about Star Wars, The X-Files, and Lost are slated for the future. All of these songs are offered as free downloads on our bandcamp page: the8thhorcrux.bandcamp.com We are also active contributors to The Fump’s Sideshow, where up-and-coming comedy acts can submit their songs for others to hear: thefump.com

Trina: “The 8th Horcrux is basically the incarnation of a mutual love for the Harry Potter series and the desire to entertain dedicated fans and Muggles alike!”

DFTBA: Can you tell us one crazy story that has happened during a show or while on tour?

T8H: It doesn’t really happen when we tour, but the craziest thing that happens is when we’re in a store or up at KU and we run into someone who asks “Are you guys in The 8th Horcrux?” It’s really cool to bump into people that recognize you from a little wizard rock band from the middle of Kansas.

Paul: “Also, one time I ran into Paul DeGeorge in the Love Garden (a record store in Lawrence, KS) and I was wearing a Harry and the Potters t-shirt. He recognized the T-shirt from across the room and came over to chat. It was awesome.”

DFTBA: What brought T8H together in the beginning?

Paul: “We were both in a comedy band and we decided to record a Harry Potter EP. Initially, it was going to be comprised of ‘The Chosen One’ (Our Green Day parody), a parody of ‘21 Guns’ (again, by Green Day: this was later scrapped and never finished), and ‘Potions Wizard’ (Our The Who parody). One thing led to another, and before long, we had a whole album’s worth of songs. We decided to get them pressed and make a legitimate album and soon we were wrocking and Rowling.”

Trina: “Our band isn’t merely a display of Harry Potter geekdom, but a genuine effort to proclaim one’s love for the series!”

DFTBA: What are some of your other projects you have released besides “Ridiculously Wicked”?

T8H: Our first album, “Potterwatch!” was recorded, in the summer of 2009, when we first formed as a band. It was a rather crudely recorded record, but it had some diamonds in the rough, including “I’m On a Broom” and “Witch”. Our next album was “Accio Awesome”, released in late 2010. It was more thoroughly recorded and has become the band’s most popular-selling record. Paul: “For some reason, ‘Accio Awesome’ has gained a minor cult following in the wizard rock scene. I’m not sure why. I think it has to do with our song parody ‘Socks’.”

Our third album, “Noize from the Cupboard”, was released in the summer of 2010, and then we undertook a small library tour to promote it. This was our latest release, excepting “Ridiculously Wicked”. All of the albums are available for streaming and download from our bandcamp.


So that is the band “The 8th Horcrux” and if you head over to their band camp page and use the special code DFTBA in the checkout you can get 25% off of their album.  So please spread the word and tell your friends and support a band that makes great music!!



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