DFTBA News Growth


Recently DFTBA News’ Tumblr page broke 500 subs. I know that this sounds rather unimpressive to a lot of you but to the team here at DFTBA News it does mean something. And not only does this mean something but so do all the things that have resulted from having more followers. It wasn’t long ago when only the very best articles that we wrote got any likes at all, now all of them do. These changes have not come quickly, they have come dropping slow.


But I, like so many at DFtBA News are grateful, we are grateful to you, our readers that you do take this time to read our pieces. We have tried many things to improve your experience with us and we hope that whether you read our pieces through tumblr or our website (www.dftbanews.wordpress.com) you like the individual way that you consume our media.

At DFTBA News we have always hoped to ask nothing more of our readers than that they enjoyed our work, and no matter how big we grow ever we will maintain that particular focus. And for all of the support you have given us, thanks.

That said the future, as always, will be different. We hope to do new things with everything, and yes,  we will admit that it is possible that as a result the rapid expansion of our article numbers may slow down. But these spaces will be traded for videos, and other fantastic things. We at DFTBA News are extremely pleased to still have you, our reader at our side. You must remember that we do all of this for you, so what do you want to see?



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