USAFTBA*: Maternity Leave


In the USAFTBA* I will be examining ways that the US is currently behind and things that can be done to fix it.  This is an opinion and a common sense approach to issues facing the United States of America.  I do not have a degree in politics, foreign policy, or any other field related to these topics.  So, please leave comments and opinions if you choose but don’t waste your fingers on telling me how wrong I am because I already know its not perfect.

The above graph indicates how much each country gives their Mothers for paid Maternity leave.  It is barely worth the mention that the US does give Mothers up to 12 weeks of unpaid time off for Maternity leave that can be covered by sick/vacation time at most companies.

This graph saddens me when it comes how the US treats those who are raising our future generation.  We need to put some comprehensive reform in place where everybody who has a new child gets a minimum of 12 weeks paid time off for the birthing parent and 6 weeks paid time off for the other parent if they are married. And as for the couples who have to adopt children, set it up so they each get 6 weeks paid time off that can either be taken at the same time or separate times.  This is shorter for two reasons 1) Part of the 12 weeks is for recovery of the birthing parent and 2) if taken at separate times they would end up with a total of twelve weeks dedicated time for the new kid(s).

There also need to be in place other guidelines so the parents are using their benefit but not scamming the companies. Examples would include but not limited to:

  1. If the leave is voluntarily ended it cannot be restarted
  2. If the leave is involuntarily ended it must be restarted with in 24hrs
  3. During Maternity/Paternity leave no other leave can be used

The specifics of these types of guidelines could be determined by the company itself and subject to audit by OSHA if somebody reports them as unfair just like any other workplace safety guideline.

This is only about making sure that those who are able to birth children cannot only heal up properly, as the miracle of life is a truly traumatic thing, but also so the parents of any child have the chance to bond with their new parents.

Regardless of political or religious belief I fail to see why we cannot come together on this one.  It is a very simple thing to me.  Our future generations need to protected and this is one very simple way to help that along.  No, its not a perfect solution but it is one that I believe would be fairly easy to implement since birthing parents are already out of work for 12 weeks.  We are not talking about giving them a bunch of extra time here, just paying them.


*United States of America Forgot to Be Awesome…


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