The Nerd Fighter Directory Has Arrived


Here at DFTBA News we like to keep you up to date with things that are going on in the world as well as things that are going on in the realm of Nerd Fighters.  We brought you information and interviews on the DFTBA Short Story Contest (which is still going on btw) and now we bring you the latest Nerd Fighter Project, the Nerd Fighter Directory.  I could explain to you about how this is going to do all kinds of neat things that might make you feel the feels, instead I just interviewed the creator.

DFTBA: Can you tell us your name?

Kate: My name is Kate Appleby, and on Tumblr my primary account is captain-kate

DFTBA: How did you find the Nerd Fighter Community?

Kate: A few years ago, a friend of mine discovered the Vlogbrothers and introduced me to their YouTube Channel.  I didn’t get into it until a year or so after that because I didn’t really understand what it was all about, but I eventually came to love it thanks to the humor, intelligence, and passion of Hank and John

DFTBA: Does that make you a Nerd Fighter? and what makes you a Nerd Fighter?

Kate: Absolutely! As Hank and John have said, the only qualification to being a Nerdfighter is wanting to be one, but I do think it’s also a bit more than that. I think Nerdfighters tend to be innately good people who are enthusiastic, kind, and helpful.

DFTBA: For those that don’t know yet what is the Nerd Fighter Directory?

Kate: The Nerdfighter Directory is a project I created to help Nerdfighters connect with one another. It is a location-based directory of Nerdfighters who request to be included. I ask that each person who wants to be in the Directory include at least one place where they can be contacted, whether that be Tumblr, Twitter, a personal website, or anything else. That way, you don’t have to create a new account on any site to be included. You don’t even have to have a Tumblr to request to join.

DFTBA: What caused you to decide to set up the NFD?

Kate: After speaking with John on Twitter about the growing Nerdfighter community and its needs, I decided that there needed to be a better way for Nerdfighters to find each other. The community has grown so big and vibrant lately with the release of The Fault in Our Stars as well as the new Crash Course and SciShow channels, and it can be hard to find people with whom to connect. Sure, you can sift through YouTube comments or use a tracked tag on Tumblr, but that doesn’t facilitate interaction as well as knowing ways that actual Nerdfighters want to be contacted. I chose to make it location-based for two reasons. For one, just knowing someone nearby means you can expand your conversation to more things than just Nerdfighteria. You might share a common native language with someone, or it might be someone you met an event and never got the chance to introduce yourself to. It gives people a chance to have some common ground. Secondly, meeting up with fellow Nerdfighters in person is very fun. People in this community share a lot of interests, and so it’s easy to find things to do with other members. I do however advise that anyone who is considering meeting other people from the internet look into some safety tips (I’ve posted some on TNFD’s homepage) and to exercise caution.

DFTBA: Do you have an end goal or is it something more organic?

Kate: I would say the end goal is simply to have a functional and substantial directory that Nerdfighters can use to connect with one another. Of course, if it becomes more than that, that would be great too! I think Nerdfighters uniting behind something is a formidable force, so if the Directory could be used to decrease world suck, that would be awesome.

DFTBA: Do you have any other projects you have thought about working on with in the Nerd Fighter Community?

Kate: Not really, but if the NFD becomes successful it could give way to other projects, which I would love. I think Nerdfighteria makes a great community, so being involved in any way is really incredible. With so many aspects of the community, I think there is a lot of room for more projects to be created, and I encourage anyone who has an idea for a project to try it out.

That is Kate and the NFD.  As Kate mentioned, sharing your information online is at your own risk.  When we first checked the NFD for content a lot of folks seemed to share just their name and state with the Tumblr information as a form of contact.  Remember you only have to give the information that you want and then you can get to know people as you see fit and meet them in your own time.



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