YouTube Famous IS a Thing


I cannot express how much it bugs me when people who have a dedicated following claim to not “Famous”. Look I get it, half of your appeal is that you are on YouTube and you want to seem like a normal person. Also, it is true that you are not as famous as say Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Amanda Seyfried or Jennifer Lawrence but you are still famous.

Famous: adj. – having a widespread reputation, usually of a favorable nature; renowned; celebrated: a famous writer or YouTuber

I know that people like Shay Carl don’t “feel” famous and they are just doing their jobs. However as YouTube shows become more and more accepted and, *gasp*, mainstream it is more and more likely that the boundaries that are there for YouTubers, that do not exist for TV or Film stars, will start to come down. This is something that will do those, who make a living out of YouTube, folks a world of good. The sooner they can get out in front of this the better its going to be.

The scary part is that with a thin, although false, veil of security by not believing they are famous YouTubers they are setting themselves up for a big fall.It is the false sense of security that causes people to become over confident and then make a mistake they will regret.Make no mistake; I am not saying that we should be waiting for indictments to be handed down to any YouTubers but sometimes it takes a very small indiscretion for something to be blown out of proportion.

Most people would agree that a situation is easier to handle when you get out in front of it and know what to expect.So the sooner YouTubers that make a living doing YouTube are accept that they are famous, even if it’s not a typical brand of famous, then they will be able to handle the situations that will arise better.



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