DFTBA Sports: Olympic Snafu


I have always been of under the impression that the Olympics are supposed to express unity, peace, and healthy competition. A time for the world to set aside its differences and celebrate the fact that we are all human and we are all alive.  A lot of my co workers, at my regular job not DFBTA News, think that its just a ploy to get money and its over commercialized.

I didn’t really want to believe them until I read that NBC would not be airing the opening ceremony live; they would instead be putting it on a time delay to maximize ad revenue.  NBC suits gave the excuse that they were delaying it so that more families could watch.  While I understand their point and more people were able to watch it when it was aired they still should have had it available online for people to watch it live if they wanted to.

Continuing on with opening ceremony issues NBC also cut out a portion of the opening and instead choose to air a prerecorded interview of Micheal Phelps by Ryan Seacrest.  There is a bit of question about exactly what the roughly 6 minute portion was but most are in agreement that it was a memorial wall tribute to life and death with an emphasis on 52 British nationals who died on 7/7/2005 the day after London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

I also heard and ESPN host make mention that they were giving medal results before races were actually aired in the US.  Again, if you want to do a time delay then you need to have a time delay on your reporting too.  There are some people who are diehards and will watch the events online and know the information.  However, if you goal is to cater to those who will watch it on TV the you need to stick to that plan and not report whenever you feel like it about what ever you want.

This wouldn’t all be that horrible except that in the US NBC owns exclusive rights to the 2012 Olympics.  Which means that even though they are using YouTube for some of their streaming you cannot see the opening ceremony in its entirety and it appears the 7/7 memorial wall tribute has been taken down due to “copyright infringement”.

Look, I get it that NBC wanted to show the opening ceremony during prime time.  I even kinda understand if they didn’t want to show it on their website until after they had shown it on prime time.  It is not a decision I would have made had such a decision been mine to make but I can somewhat understand it.  But, please tell me why it is not available yet?  I cannot find it ANYWHERE online.  Granted, I am not some major internet sleuth who can find anything anywhere but I would think something this popular would be easy to access.

Going forward I think the Olympic committee needs to tell who ever gains the rights to the Olympics they are required to air the entire opening and closing ceremonies commercial free live!  If they want to do that on the internet then fine, even better if they would do it on television.



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  1. I thoroughly agree with everything Peeta said. And I would like to add:

    (1) How dare NBC cut out Britain’s tribute to their fellow countrymen and women who died and were injured in the 7/7/05 bombing tragedy! It’s an unconscionable slap in the face of our long-time British allies, friends and neighbors. So – what – Did the NBC suits think we Americans were not interested? Who are they to make that decision? Of course we are interested!

    (2) During every event I’ve watched so far, NBC has tirelessly and infuriatingly focused solely on the USA athletes, with very few exceptions. Yes, of course I’m routing for our own athletes and am interested in their performances, scores and personal stories. However, I am also interested in our competing athletes from ALL the other countries!

    Of course the Olympics is over-commercialized. It is understandable, though, because television air time is so costly.

    It is my considered opinion that, from this 2012 Summer Olympics forward, NBC should lose its right to air the Olympics. That right should be given back to ABC, whose focus has always been their moto and the name of their news program: “Wide World of Sports”! NBC is no longer worthy of the privilege.

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