DFTBA News – Ever Growing


DFTBA News often tries to go in new directions. We try hard to work out what you, our readers, want, and because of this we often change or add content. All of this takes  work, but it is hugely rewarding, both for the satisfaction that you get for doing a good job and having hundreds of people seeing it, or plainly the experience that you gain from the work.  And as a constantly growing service we try to get as many people as possible on board. So if any of you are interested in joining us there are a number of ways you can get involved.

 YouTube:  We are currently looking at expanding our service to YouTube (as some of you have seen with this video from one of our brilliant contributors.) Anyone who would like to work with us in this respect (no need for prior video experience) please contact us (dftbanews@gmail.com) We are also looking for a manager for this, who will be one of the most senior members of the organisation. Whether you have worked with us in the past, or present, or have never before we would love you to get involved in providing a high quality news service to Nerdfighteria.

Writing: Quite Frankly we can never have enough writers, whether on a weekly, or even monthly basis we encourage you to get involved.

Other:  Part of growing is the constant search for new ideas, and if any of you are interested in bringing DFTBA News in a new direction we would welcome you with open hands.

And if you enjoy our content, thank you. We try hard to provide good quality content for our readers, that is why we do this, not for any other reason.  DFTBA



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