DFTBA Sports: Olympic Nerd Fighter


Every once in a while amazing things happens.  Sometimes its all green lights on your drive to work.  Sometimes its finding some money when you are broke and still a few days from pay day.  Sometimes its calling a friend and them giving you just the right advice. And every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair, and you are watching the Olympics somebody amazing flashes the international sign for a community that seems small because you rarely see people from that community in real life suddenly you realize that you are not alone.  Not only are you not alone, the community you are apart of is something bigger than you could ever imagine.  Something so big that it transends national borders and puts you in contact with others that you would never meet otherwise.

This happened just two days ago for Nerd Fighters across the globe.  And because one of the larger missions for DFTBA News is to cover Nerdfighteria we requested an interview with Jennifer Pinchers… she of course said yes.

DFTBA: There is a thing called “six word memoirs” where you describe someting in just six words. Can you describe what it is like competing inthe biggest competition in the world in just six words.

Jennifer: Incredible, international, community, spirit, repect, excitment

DFTBA: When competing do you find yourself affected by the stakes and the crowd or do you pull inot yourown world and shut it all out?

Jennifer: When you actually perform you block it all out but in between the support of the crowds really give you a boost! Especially on the floor where you can take advantage of the atmosphere energy during your routine

DFTBA: If you could meet any other Olympian who would it be? And have you had the chance to meet them?

Jennifer: Usain Bolt. Not yet 😦

DFTBA: Outside of practicing and training six days a week what other things do you like to do?

Jennifer: I don’t have much time! Go on YouTube, tweet! Watch Doctor Who and films at the cinema… spend time with my family like my 3 little brothers who are 15, 11, and 3!! 😀

DFTBA: Are any of your fellow Olympians Nerd Fighters that you are aware of?

Jennifer: Nope!

DFTBA: Nerdfighteria is a community that transcends international borders. You are obviously representing Britain in the Olympics and have now become a face of Nerdfighteria.  How does it feel to represent the NF community on such a large stage?

Jennifer: I hope I do Nerdfighteria justice! :S I am glad I have been able to take this opportunity to bring together competing countries in the Olympic Games, through the spirit of fighting for awesome! It’s not ALL about winning. It’s about internationa respect and friendship too, and decreasong world suck! I have hopefully given that message to many new poeple and introduced them to our world too 🙂

DFTBA: Do you have a YouTube channel or Tumblr you would like others to follow?

Jennifer: Not yet but watch this space! Just twitter at eh moment @jempin515

That was Jennifer Pinchers, Nerd Fighter extrodinare, British Olympian, and all around awesome person.  If you have a moment send her a tweet wishing her good luck or a package to Jennifer Pinches, British Gymnastics, Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Nr Telford, ENGLAND, TF10 9NB.

~Liam & Peeta


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