USFTBA: Immigration


The subject of immigration is a very debated one here in the US.  There are people one both sides of the debate who are very passionate about their positions.  I am going to give my opinion on this.  Please read the entire article before you comment.  I will try to be as brief as possible.

I find myself in a moral dilemma with this issue and I cannot imagine that I am alone.  On one hand all the undocumented workers are here illegally (this excludes the children born to undocumented workers in this country), in the sense that they did not follow the laws of the United States to enter the country.  On the other hand the vast majority, as I understand it, are a law abiding group that are just here to make a better life the themselves and there families.

In regards to the children born of undocumented workers its another confusing situation.  According to the laws of the US they are not citizens because their parents are not citizens or in the process of becoming citizens of this country.  However their parents in some cases have been here for many years and have not intention of going back and their kids are born on American soil.

So what do we do?  Comprehensive immigration reform is the only answer.

First we have to deal with the people that are here:

  1. All undocumented workers are granted a 7* year amnesty unless they have committed a felony.  If they have committed a felony depending on the class of felony, as determined by the state, they are either a) allowed to begin normal immigration processes while being in the US or b) deported.
  2. All children of undocumented workers are granted automatic citizenship. (this includes both children born here and children who moved here under the age of 18)
  3. All parents that have children are granted automatic citizenship unless the have committed a felony.  Those that have committed a single felony, depending on the felony class, are allowed to begin the normal process for citizenship while remaining in the US.  If they have committed more than one felony, regardless of felony class, they are deported.  They have the choice of their children going with them or not.  Children who do not have at least one biological parent or relative in the US are placed in the care of the state they reside in.
  4. Undocumented people (including people under 18, and have no biological parents in the US, who are here illegally) must report to an immigration center within the 7* year amnesty time frame.
  5. After the 7* year amnesty period if they are found to be here illegally they are deported without question.  If they are found to have a felony they are banned from the US for life.  If not one may begin the normal immigration process.

*seven years is a made up number, it may take longer or less time.  An accurate estimate of how long could only be given by who ever is in charge of US immigration.  A person I do not have the credentials to talk to.

For the folks who are not here yet.

  1. Eliminate immigration quotas.
  2. Get rid of the stupid test they have to take that probably most 8th graders could not pass

Now I understand that these ideas to not encompass everything.  I also understand that it is not 100 percent fair.  The undocumented immigrants are going to be upset that there is only a limited time.  The legalistic crowd will be upset that there is an amnesty period at all.  This is an attempt to find a common ground and reset this countries immigration policy.

So, please feel free to agree or disagree with me.  All I ask is that if you are going to opinionate on this that you think about it and respond respectfully.



For those that want to build a fence at the Mexican and Canadian borders (even though this immigration thing is bigger than just those to places) I say no, just no.  Please grow up.  This is not the 1920’s and the US is no longer an isolationist state.  We participate in the world discourse and we need to act like it so a fence is not a viable option.


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