Rest in Awesome Neil


There are a handful of people in this world that are truly great. All of us, whether we are presidents or criminals, are by the very nature of being human, flawed. That is why monarchy doesn’t work. That is why there are crimes, why there is greed and so many negative things in the world. Fundamentally, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

Yet there are some who defy this, who rise above the human condition and do something simple and brilliant for the whole of humanity, somebody who we can all be proud of.

Neil Armstrong was one of these men. His bravery knew no bounds, being flung into the reaches of space and landing on an alien world. He was forced to manually pilot the Lunar Lander onto the moon, something that was predicted to result in certain death. Yet when he had done his peace, when he had become the national hero and treasure, he didn’t exploit it. That is the sort of man he was, he just went on.

So I would like to say that I, along with everyone am sad at his passing. There is nothing that I could say to capture the heroism of this man.

That is the fact of it. However, I should answer why. Why in the world would anyone do all of the messing around in space? Why does space matter? I really think Hank captured it well when he said that while it is important that we decrease the amount of worldsuck, it is equally important to increase the amount of awesomeness.

That is what space travel is, it is awesome. Ever since man looked up at the stars he saw that undeniable glint of what could be, what is, and where humanity could go. The faults of ourselves may be written in our stars, in the fallibility of all humans, but glinting right there beside it is what we can be, where we can go.

There have been so many things that sum up why we should go to space, but I am going to leave you with one of my favourites. Watch the speech above, and think about how when we reach for the stars we show just how tall humanity can stand.

Rest In Awesome Neil




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