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I sometimes feel like nerdfighteria is a kind of echo chamber, because it seems like almost everyone is a liberal/Obama supporter, and people seem to be generally dismissive of any kind of conservative idea.

Of course, I could be totally wrong. 🙂

NotEvenJohn ** minutes ago

Johns commentary and the above comment on the latest Swoodilypoopers video got me thinking…

If I had to guess the average age of Nerdfighteria I would say its between 12 – 21.  This means that most of Nerd Fighters are still in school, be it middle school, high school, college, university, or many other names for it.  By definition school is liberal because its a place of learning and growing about known things, expanding your horizons, and (in my opinion) if done right a place to discover new things.

Before I go on I think I need to define what I mean here by liberal and conservative.  When I say liberal I do not mean Democrat and likewise when I say conservative I do not mean Republican.  To me a person can identify as either conservative or liberal on a per issue basis without the need for further labels.

Having said this there are times when Nerd Fighters will seem confrontational about their specific point of view.  There is nothing wrong with holding a certain opinion or view point or fact but you have to be careful of how you present it. To use myself as an example I have been part of the Nerd Fighter community for about 3-4 years.  When I first started enjoying the Vlogbrothers videos and identifying with the mission to decrease world suck I had very deep seated conservative views.  Upon expressing my opinion on a few topics I was hit hard and fast by some of the more vocal participants in the NF community.  Right after this I became discouraged and didn’t really participate in the forums for some time.  Then I randomly got an e-mail alert from somebody who had commented on that post from a few months ago.  I checked it on a whim and it was a post from somebody who took the time to explain to me the other side of the argument without calling names or treating me like I was sub-human because my views didn’t exactly align with theirs.

Turns out that I still hold the same view I did before (on this particular topic) but, because this person was willing to talk and have a conversation with me it has opened up many other avenues to my thinking and helped my opinions adapt.  Even though I would still largely identify as a conservative in a lot of my views there are certainly opinions I hold that are much more liberal than they used to be.

So I think that Mr. Green has it right.  If dissuading somebody from having a specific view point is the goal then its better to go about it with the idea of trying to gain an ally rather than fight an enemy.  I think we can all agree that fighting does little if anything to decrease world suck.  And no, I don’t think that the majority of Nerd Fighters are over their top in their world view but I do think we could all stand to take a bit of John Green’s advice.



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