Jordan Says: Season of Giving


Now that Halloween has passed we have officially entered into the Holiday Season and one thing I find true about this time of year is, no matter what religion or non-religion you practice, that it is the season of giving.

I understand not everybody feels the same way during this season but the vast majority of people seem to be to have a spring in their step, a smile on their face, and a more positive attitude that is somehow enhanced by this time of year.  Another trend this time of year is a lot of people or groups or organizations are asking for donations.

For a long time this was an issue for me; not because I didn’t want to give but because I didn’t feel like I could.  As a college student/person who was dependent on my parents for a long time the idea of giving what little cash I seemed to have did not appeal to me. I expressed this once to somebody who was close to me and they gave me two pieces of advice.

The first was that I didn’t have to give money.  I had never thought of that before because that is what everybody is always asking for.  Now maybe you can’t do a TON of things that take up your time but donating an afternoon in a soup kitchen or raking up a neighbors yard or sorting clothes at your local Goodwill can go a long way to help folks.  And to top that off when I donate time I often feel I am getting back way more than I am giving.

The second thing was that I didn’t have to only give in bulk.  I had never really thought about this because it seems when places are asking for donations they are just asking for an on the spot donation.  However there are a lot of organizations that give the option to donate smaller amounts throughout the year.  These are especially nice if you have a job that participates in payroll deduction to something like the United Way because then it comes out before you are even missing it.

The last thing I would suggest about donating is if you are going to donate try to donate to an organization that operates locally and is fully vetted.  This does not mean you cannot give to United Way or Goodwill, which are both national organizations, just that it is better if they operate in your town as well. Also please make sure you check up on the organization through Charity Navigator or something similar. Below I will list some of my favorite places to give time and or money too.  I do encourage everybody to donate something every year.  Just a little bit of time or money can go a long way to making somebodies day, month, or even year better!!


List of places I give or have given in the past.


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