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Man=Woman=Man=Woman… Deal with it


Warning: Some many consider this post to include inappropriate language

Also Warning: This article is not all inclusive.  It is a statement about things that need to be fixed sooner rather than later.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them here or e-mail me at

The human society just really pisses me off sometimes.  Seriously how long are we going to put up with people just being selectively stupid because [insert what ever stupid reason here you want to].  Specifically on the notion that Men are in some way better than Women at all things just because they have a penis.

For fucks sake people it is not that hard.  Men are not better at anything than Women and Women are not better than at anything than Men (except maybe child birth because it is currently scientifically possible but extremely risky for Men to attempt carrying a baby).

Is it true that there are more stay-at-home-moms than dads?  Yes.  Is it true that there are more male mechanics than female? Yes.  Is is true that more male restaurant chefs and yet more female’s cook at home? YES.

All of these things may be statistically true.  That however does not mean there are not dads who are better at being a stay-home-parent, and women who are better mechanics ,or women chefs who out cook men, and men who do all the cooking at home.   And while you can draw some conclusions about the above such as Men may handle the stress of cooking in a restaurant better than Women or Women may be better at being the stay-at-home-parent than Men…

Correlation does not imply Causation. 

I will make this as simple as I can.

People CANNOT be categorized for a task based on their sex or gender.  This is not up for debate… it is a simple fact.  So please, as a human society… pull your head out of your ass and stop adding to world suck by placing arbitrary meaning to somebodies sex or gender.

While its true that Jim might be better at X than Sarah it is equally true that Sara is might be better a X than George.

I suppose its worth a mention that many hundreds, maybe thousands,  of years ago man may have been the stronger sex.  However as we have developed over time this has become less and less important.  We hardly do the kind of work that was required of our ancestors such as killing an animal with little more than sticks and rocks.  So yes, scientifically and evolutionarily men may be “stronger” but this has little to no impact on the society we currently live in.


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I love Anna! And Steph Perkins.

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Songs on Sunday – S2:S01


Song on a Sunday is BACK!! 2013 style!! (<— I have no idea what that means)

This week we bring you a song from PickChick38.  She is one of our favorites here at DFTBA News.  (super secret pro tip: she made an intro for us for our YouTube Channel)  We have featured her before but never as a Song on  a Sunday!  Please go to her channel and listen to all of her music and tell her how amazing it is!!

The music is good because it is original and nerdy and just fun! For your convenience I have created a playlist of all of her original music +1 music video made (:



A Pep Talk from Kid President to You


There is so much about this video that is fantastic.   Sometimes seeing the world through innocent eyes makes things so clear.  One of my favorite parts is when he talks about Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken”.  He mentions that if there were really only two roads he would want to be on the road that lead to awesome!

I feel like that is one of the best parts about being part of Nerdfighteria.  We are all trying to be on the road that leads to awesome.  At the end of this video he asks us to send the video to somebody that we take encouragement from.  I am not ashamed to say that I draw a lot of encouragement from the Nerd Fighter community.  Seeing so many people who are dedicated to decreasing world suck and or increasing awesome is the most amazing thing.

So, please, check out the video and share it with as many people as you can!


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