Growing Pains


It is now Feb 4th and things are still moving at a snails pace.  I apologize for the slowness of everything that is going on.  We are experiencing some growing pains with how everything is organized.  So, again, thank you for being patient with us as we move to a new era with DFTBA News. (:

Moving forward there are going to be 3 main changes you will see.

1) Starting this week (02/03/13) you will begin to see some introductions from our new writers*.  Please comment on anything you want because all feedback helps us continue to grow!

2) I am starting a new column on DFTBA news that will appear twice a month.  On the 1st and the 15th of every month I will be generating a list of things you all do.  Doesn’t matter if its something you sell or just your YouTube channel.  I will create this list and just add too it and post it twice a month (similar to a Follow Friday on twitter).  After a certain amount of time (I am guessing once the list gets to be longer than 50 or so things) I will have to start editing.  If you see your item fall off the list then please e-mail me again and I will start to work out a schedule.

If you would like to appear on this list then please send an e-mail to peetadftbanews@gmail.com

3) At some point this year DFTBA News will begin to monetize itself.  This will be done in the least intrusive way possible.  I know there are some people who are going to be against this but this is quickly becoming a 40+ hour per week thing I do on top of a regular job and school.  If I can find a way to make some money doing this it will mean better content in the long run because this can be my #1 focus (well maybe #2 until I graduate).  I hope you all understand that I want to do this full time for all of you and because I like it.

As always if you have any question please let me know and I will be happy to help in anyway I can.


*As always if you are interested in writing, editing, or anything for DFTBA News we can be contacted at dftbanews@gmail.com


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