Please Welcome Celene to the Stage


Hey, everyone!  My name is Celene, I am 17 years old, and I am from the state of California. I first heard about DFTBA News through a Tumblr blog that had reblogged a post looking for people interested in writing for them. I decided to answer to the post because the major I have chosen to study at university is Journalism and I felt this would be a great form of experience. Some hobbies of mine include writing for my school’s newspaper, reading, being on tumblr, and watching YouTube videos. I like to collect vinyl records and, as inspired by John Green’s LOOKING FOR ALASKA, am starting my own  Life’s Library. I want to one day, when I am much older and have done most things that I have dreamed of doing, open my own bookstore and sell/trade every record and book I have collected over the years.

What I hope to bring to DFTBA News personally are factually correct articles about interesting topics readers actually want to read about. I will do my best to ensure that everything I write consists of truthful and up- to-date information. What I want is for readers to rely on me to always be honest with them. What I hope to gain from this is a fun experience that will not only prepare me for a future in Journalism, but will also help me meet new people with similar interests as me and maybe form friendships through those interests.

We all are here for one major reason and that reason is we are all Nerdfighters. I am both proud and grateful to be a part of a community that still cares about the world and the well-being of others to the point they want to do something to make it a better place than it currently is. The best way to start making a difference is by first being informed of what is happening. I want DFTBA News to be the place people go to in order to take the first step in making that difference. I hope this will be as enjoyable to everyone as it will be for me and I can’t wait to share with you my first article for DFTBA news. See you all soon!



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