On Getting Older


So, Tessa (aka MeekaKitty) makes this great video and its gets me thinking.

Much like Tessa when I was a teenager I thought I would do anything to stay a teenager for just a bit longer.  It wasn’t that I liked being a teenage all that much, in fact I quite hated it what with the acne and weirdly shaped limbs, but I feared getting older so so much more.  Seriously, old people were always upset, complaining about bills and going to work, and never ever seemed to have much fun.  Who in their right mind would want to grow up?

Then when I got into my 20’s I started to think it was not so bad.  I could do what I want and how I wanted as long as I remembered to pay the bills.  At about 24 or so I was excited to be in my 20’s… sure there were parts that were not that great but over all things were going well and it was not the tortured hell I thought it was going to be.  Then I turned 29 and went through another freak out because OMG I am going to be 3 decades old next year and WTF am I going to do with my life after that.  I am not even published yet, and I don’t have the job of my dreams, and I messed up my marriage, and I HAVE FAILED AT LIFE!!!!

Then a strange thing happened, life, it didn’t stop.  For some reason again I was convinced that because the digit in front on my age was changing again suddenly things were going to be so inconceivably different that I wouldn’t recognize myself.  And yet here I am across the three-zero threshold.  Since crossing that marker I have created the Swoodilypooper Gazette, I have created DFTBA News, I have started a YouTube channel (admittedly not very well YET), I am going to finish up my education this decade, AND as President Sharkey says “stuff is getting better, stuff is getting better every day” (bonus points if you know the movie).

I am not about to tell you that getting older is easy, or that it is way better than being young because in a lot of ways its not.  There are advantages to both the old and young life.  The only thing that I can promise you is, that much like everything else, life gets easier to handle with more practice.  Suddenly things that used to consume me with world ending feels seem to hardly matter.  Its a good place to be (:



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