My Relationship With Nerdfighteria


I first heard about Nerdfighteria when my English teacher from ninth grade recommended I read John Green’s first novel, LOOKING FOR ALASKA. At the end of the book, there was a page with the Nerdfighter website. I didn’t immediately join because it seemed so daunting and so many people were involved. It seemed like a huge thing that I didn’t know how to make sense of it all. I wasn’t very outgoing back then and too shy to try to connect with people, even on the Internet. So I decided it just wasn’t for me.

Eventually I began watching charlieissocoollike on YouTube thanks to my best friend. In one of the videos he mentioned Nerdfighteria and the Vlogbrothers. This was probably a year after reading the book (I know, right? A year!). Of course, I had read John Green’s other novels. How could I not? But it was in that video that I decided to give Nerdfighteria another try and began watching the Vlogbrothers. That was, quite honestly, one of the best decisions of my life so far.

I say that because Nerdfighteria has really helped me become a better person. So many other people, some my age, some younger, and some older, willingly come together to make the world a better place (or, as is said, reduce world suck). Seeing them continues to motivate me to wake up, get out of bed, and simply do the right thing. Whether it is helping others, donating to project for awesome or the kiva group, or starting their own projects, there are actual people out there that truly want to make a difference. Not just that, though, they are having loads of fun while doing it!

One of the best things about Nerdfighteria is that you will always have a friend. Whether it is on the internet or at a gathering, you get to meet so many people that you share something big and amazing with. Just last week I saw a girl wearing a FAULT IN OUR STARS shirt and, when I smiled at her and complimented her on it, she gave me a huge grin and a high-five. It felt great meeting someone that knew what it felt like to be a Nerdfighter. We are all connected through this thing and most of us don’t even know each other. Except, that doesn’t really matter, because, once we meet, it’s all we need to form a bond.

I have come a long way since first reading LOOKING FOR ALASKA despite it only being three years. I know that, had I not decided to give Nerdfighteria another try, I would not be the same person I am today or have some of the great friends I have now. If you’re new to Nerdfighteria and feeling a little lost, don’t worry. The best has yet to come. There are so many awesome things waiting for you and I know you will enjoy almost every single one of them. This is a community that is pretty accepting and always glad to have more people. More people means more Nerdfighters doing what they do best, and that is to reduce world suck.



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