Women v. Men in sports


I have a questions about Women v. Men in sports.

Very few people will deny as a general guideline men are bigger than women and in a sports setting I would conclude this more often than not also means stronger.   I don’t want to take away women’s ability to compete because there are certainly women out there who could make me pay greatly should square off against them in a sport.  There are even women who I believe could compete competitively in any sport against a full team of men.  However this seems to be the exception.

My questions become this.  Will we ever reach a point in our society where women and men compete together as a matter of course?  Do we want this as a society? 

I am of the opinion that there should not be any kind of rule baring women trying out for male sports.  But, now I have opened up the question of men in female sports.  I don’t think this is a great idea because as stated earlier men are generally bigger (and maybe stronger) than women and that could give them an unfair advantage.

Also, this is not really a battle of the sexes type thing either;  it is that there are just so many possible missteps on the road to getting this figured out that I wanted to bring the question(s) to all of our lovely readers because when you combine thoughts often the answer is better than trying figuring it out alone.

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  1. If you think about it, this is a better idea in the long run for women. Say, for instance, women wanted to compete in the NFL, or Major League Baseball. If they could out-run, out-pitch, or out tackle the guys, they should absolutely get a spot on professional teams.

    You say the trade-off would mean men would be allowed to compete in women’s teams. I counter with this point: why would they want to?

    With the exception, in the United States, of Women’s Soccer, male-only leagues and franchises are far more lucrative than their female counterparts. This is due to many factors, some of which are sexist, but regardless, on the whole, it makes women more competitive.

    The chance for women to be in the NFL helps female athletes so much, it’s worth giving up a few spots–or even half of them–in the WPFL. It gives female athletes opportunities to play in the “big leagues,” and make millions, rather than settle for the poor pay and zero recognition that comes from being relegated to the WPFL.

    If men want the opportunity to make middling wage playing football rarely even televised in the WPFL, I’m all for it, so long as women are given the same opportunity in the NFL.

  2. Keep up these posts, btw! I like hearing guy-nerdfighter takes on feminist issues.

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