Fandoms, Kickstarter, and Veronica Mars


So the Kickstarter for “Veronica Mars” has received both a lot of support,  as evidenced by hitting its goal in less than 24 hours and a lot of hate because some think its a waste of time.

I originally wanted to talk about how awesome crowd funding is in the hands of a fandom because a lot of neat things can be done if given the green light.  We are all familiar with how much good a crowd funding campaign can do with stellar examples of the P4A project and the annual stream that the Yogscast do every year to raise money for charities.  Then I read the article by the Atlantic Wire and how this is such a horrible thing because this is now over 2 million dollars that is going to a studio movie.  It is true that this is not some indie company trying to put something to gather in the spirit of art for some fans.

Let us examine the different parts.

  • Kickstarter says itself that its not for charities
  • People spend money on things they don’t NEED all the time
  • Warner Brothers is a multimillion dollar company
  • They could potentially make money off of the “Veronica Mars” venture

The Atlantic Wire makes a good point that the money people are donating to the “Veronica Mars” movie could be used on many many different things; but so could all the money that people spend on Starbucks.   Once again I think we find ourselves in a common case of mistaking one thing for another.  The Atlantic’s point is that the money could be spend elsewhere but so could lots of other things. Then they go on to spend a bit of time talking about how Warner Brothers is going to continue to make money on “Veronica Mars” after its made.   This holds a bit more water to me because Warner Brothers is a large company that has plenty of money at its disposal but where do you draw the line?

I come down mostly on the side where people can spend their money whatever they want but perhaps there should be a clause with Kickstarter the prevents companies with a certain net worth should not be allowed to use crowd funding sites like Kickstarter.  However there is the counter argument that without the “faith buy” of the 2 mil to make the movie Warner Brothers would have never have given the green light.   And yet, even with that knowledge I still think it would be better if companies that large were not using Kickstarter.

What do you think?



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