A Very Potter Senior Year


StarKidPotter is a YouTube channel started with a tease of a fan made musical about the Harry Potter books approximately 3 years ago.  What started out as a very small production company paying tribute to a great series of books quickly turned into the quintessential fan service of the Harry Potter universe.   I don’t want to dismiss lots of other projects that are in place celebrating the HP world but few things capture the essence of the universe better.

First I recommend that you watch the three musicals

After you have watched them a stand alone story starts to take shape where the characters are the same but not.  The relationships have a very similar feel to what you remember form the books.  Its hard to describe how something can be the same but different all at the same time.

In what is nearly the perfect capstone to a trilogy AVPSY not only tackles the end of Harry Potter but also the end of a lot of things in our lives.  Rather its the end of a favorite series, or era in your life such as High School or College.  There are a few things that are questionable in the musical such an interaction between Hermione and Gilderoy Lockhart that seen very over the top.  Considering that this is rendition is little more than “week one” rehearsals with scripts still in hand I feel confident that things would be tightened up and return to their more subtle ways.  During this show you see the return of most of the cast favorites with a lot of fan service.  Even the folks at StarKid admit that the only real reason they put this up on YouTube was because the fans wanted it.  Taking into consideration with everything it is I would give this a 8/10 in terms of overall show; and an 11/10 as the perfect end to a fan series.

I would also want to take a moment to tip my hat to the production team and acting team over at StarKid.  As somebody who spent almost 5 years in theatre you form a special connection with every show, but to do a show like this that really isn’t complete except in its three parts it takes a lot of guts.  I am amazed at their professionalism and ability to perform under these circumstances.  Anybody who has ever or who will ever have the ability to work with StarKid Prodcutions should consider themselves very lucky.   I have seen every single one of their productions that they have put on YouTube and there is not a single one of them that isn’t worth watching.

Please check out ALL of the productions over at the StarKidPotter YouTube channel and be amazed.


PS – Stay tuned for their new show Twisted.


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