Missing Information




New York Times:

The 62 senators on the top represent about one-fourth of the people in the United States.

So do the 6 on the bottom.

Overrepresentation in the Senate is among the reasons why the smallest states (and their local governments) received more federal aid per capita in 2010.

Montana is, like, one of the top ten most over-represented states in America and most of us supposedly “Hate Government.”


And this information would suck a lot if the Senate was the ONLY branch of congress that we had.  Lucky for those who live in the larger states they have the House of Representatives that  balance out the Senate.

And if you want to talk about government size let us talk about actual representation numbers.  When the Constitution as we know it was written the average US Representative was the voice of approximately 30,000 US citizens compared to the approximately 700,000+ US citizens.  By these numbers, if anything, the US House of Representatives is currently too small in size and should be approximately 22 times bigger if we wanted to get back to “original numbers”.

Oddly enough all of this draws back to a bigger issue of misrepresentation of facts.  I don’t blame Hank Green for this post because all he is doing is reblogging the New York Times.  I do blame the New York Times though because this is supposed to be their business.  It is not that the information is wrong it is that the information is represented in a vacuum.  This gives the NYT a scape goat by pointing at their article and getting to day “We didn’t do anything wrong because our facts are technically correct”.  I am here to say they did do something wrong AND they are actively increasing world suck.  This is not some hidden variable either.  Everybody who has even had a basic American government class knows there is another branch of Congress that was set up to have a different representation model of the Senate (this would be the House of Representatives).   News outlets should be in business to report facts and not further any agenda.  Even largely opinion based organizations like ours or editorials in hard news organizations should strive to be factual when they are giving their opinion.  It is how you validate it.



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