Editors Response to: What do Teachers Make?


Okay, Thursday.  Time to post up the article from Jay.  What was this weeks one about?  Oh, yeah… It was the one about how standardized tests are ruining public education and that teachers are underpaid and under appreciated.  I like this article.  Let me just check the video so I can be sure to put in any warnings that might need to be there because Jay said there was some language in this one.

*watches video*


Dammit Jay!  What have you done to me??

Many of you will not know that when I choose back to school I thought I wanted to be an educator.  I like being around people and I like helping those people to learn a new skill and to advance and feel like they are accomplishing things.  After taking a class where I had to be in a classroom and observe I decided that teaching was largely an uphill battle that was not something I could seem myself doing on a daily basis.  So I backed out.  Call me a coward or a chicken or any other word you choose and you would be correct.

I changed my major to Mass Communication for two reasons.  One, I was already doing the Swoodilypooper Gazette and had started DFTBA News and things were going well.  And with that I found a love in being able to craft stories both factual and fictional to help people to learn about other things in the world so that they could grow their view beyond the place they grew up.  Two, as mentioned before, I chickened out.

So thank you Jay for making me question my life choices.  No, really.  Thank you for bringing to light something that is over looked a lot in our society because without education and educator specifically I feel we go down hill quickly as society.



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