Could Not Have Said it Better…



If it were up to me, there would be no abortions except under extreme circumstances. Because there would be SO MUCH education and availability of contraceptives that they just wouldn’t be necessary.

But fighting abortion rights is not going to help us get there. It’s going to continue the stigma that having sex is wrong and if you have sex, you deserve to be punished by having to raise a child for the next eighteen years, even if you’re a child yourself. Or going through the extreme body changes caused by pregnancy and childbirth and then giving away that child, a decision that is not easy for anyone.

A perfect reproductive rights country would look like this:

  • All students (home school, public school AND private school) are required to take comprehensive sex education courses around the time when they are going through puberty (13).
  • Contraceptives are encouraged for all girls from the date of their first period and covered by insurance (preferably public insurance, but that’s a completely different topic).
  • Sex is an open topic and, even if newly sexually active people aren’t comfortable discussing it with their parents, there is an adult they can comfortably talk to.
  • Abortions are no longer limited to “clinics” or specific doctors and are available at most hospitals. They are covered by insurance and are seen as something that is an absolute last resort that should only be used in extreme cases. However, there are few (if any) legal limits on when they can be used such as they must be before 23 weeks, with smart exceptions.

Again. No one is pro-abortion. If you believe that, then you really need to have some empathy and try harder to understand the other side.


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  1. […] things over looked in the abortion debate.  TheMunchKym mentioned this and DFTBAN talked about it HERE.  Abortion is largely a symptom of really really poor sex education.  I won’t go into too […]

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