Books, Books, Books.


Somebody asked me today why I read so much (I read ~65 books per year).  This was a simple two part answer to me. 1) Because all good authors read and 2) books are important.

Then that same person asked me the age old question… Why?  Why are books important?  Aren’t they just stories?

This is the “condensed” version of a ~90 min conversation.

Certain books are like monuments; because they are giant monolithic representations of something specific in a generation but are also timeless. As you can imagine this is a difficult feat to achieve.

  • A book like To Kill A Mockingbird is raw and gritty and serves as a poignant reminder of the past while also serving as a reminder that for all the progress we have made, we have a long way to go.
  • Books in the Harry Potter series tells the timeless hero tale while highlighting that even with all the technology magic in the world family is still very important.
  • A book like The Fault in our Stars reminds us that there are good things that can happen even under bad circumstances and also highlights the fact that cancer is one of the biggest blights of our current generation.
  • A book like The Great Gatsby serves as a reminder that even people who seem to have it all deal with silly petty things that can drag them down while highlighting the opulence of the rich during that era.

Even books of the day that won’t stand the test of time serve as a sort of organic snap shot that waxes and wanes with different popular trends like Vampires or Space Travel dominating for a time.  While deeper down everything written serves as a tapestry that started with cave drawings and basic colours and has, over time, evolved into this sometimes messy and sometimes elegant picture with millions of colours.  And now with e-publishing where just about anybody with desire, a computer, and an internet connection can publish its only going to get more vibrant.

The short version is that books (the written word) is one of, if not the, most significant parts of culture because it allows us to keep our history.  Be that in an actual history book or a work of fiction they all blend together to create something amazing and without equal.


PS. These are my opinions.  Feel free to agree or disagree (:

Title Credit to @elizziebooks



  1. Wow… those are a lot of books. If I only I can read as much.

  2. […] a post HERE I mused about why I thought books were so important.  That was back in May when school was still […]

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