Commitment really is a commitment.

I have been running DFTBAN now for over a year.  In that time we have seen a lot of ups and downs.  We have had load of people come and go and it has been an amazing ride. Past columns have been fun, education, somewhat controversial, reviews, and sometimes filler.

Recently I have not been posting as much as I should have and it bothers me.  And the reason it bothers me is because there is no excuse.  I could blame it on being busier at school, or summer, or the color of my sofa if I wanted; but all of those are just excuses.   I made a commitment to run DFTBAN and publish regularly and I have not been doing that.

The problem?  I cannot make a resolution that things are going to be better from here on out because life happens.  What I can promise is that I am not abandoning the project and I plan to run it for many years to come.  I can also promise that it has been weighing on my mind and I want to do better.

So this is an apology without excuse.  Sorry I have not been posting as much as I could and I am going to try and do better (:



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