The Post Where A Theme Was Borrowed


It should be no secret that I am a fan of Wonderly which is just an awesome website.   And while I do not technically fall into their demographic I have realized some things.

  1. They are Topical and Relevant
  2. The community is amazing and very accepting
  3. Their website is gorgeous
  4. Squaresville is one of the best shows on the internet
  5. I found out about them from @elizziebooks which coincidentally gives Liz a 100% recommendation rate
  6. Every time I visit there site I spend at least an hour on it… (yes it was hard to write this because I got distracted)

Having said that they have a monthly theme and this month (and maybe more in the future if that is okay) I would like to borrow it (:

This months theme is Give.

Giving is so simple and so hard at the same time.  Giving can be as simple as giving somebody a smile and brightening up their day.  It can also be more involved and have somebody volunteering with their local habitat for humanity building houses.

Because it is a monthly theme I would like to do 3 more posts where I talk about 3 ways to give.   I will do my best to have the posts up on 14/06/13 | 21/06/13 | 28/06/13.   I am also very curious to hear how you all give!  So if you would like please leave a comment or send an e-mail to dftbanews@gmail.com and we will post it (:



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