Lawrence’s v. Hathaway’s Messages


So lets talk about these two wonderful Actors.

Before we get started let me say I adore both of them.  They are tops at what they do and I believe they can play a multitude of roles VERY well and should get all of the awards.

Now to the subject at hand

Lawrence says she refuses to change her body type even for a role on Hollywood because she doesn’t want to conform to stupid standards.  Hathaway did change her body type for a role (Les Miserables) but expresses repeatedly that she did it for the role only.

These are two different messages and people seem to think they are the same because they have to deal with body image.  The message the Lawrence is sending is that she doesn’t have to what is asked of her to do her job; which includes losing weight for a character that is supposed to barely nourished.  The message that Hathaway is sending is that she will lose a bunch of weight to do a job because she is an actress and sometimes when you are set to play a malnourished character you need to look the part but that does not mean that a thin body image is to be glorified.

Look, I know people are going to be upset about this; and I love Jennifer Lawrence”s acting but the message that she is sending is not one of good body image.  It is, “I am so good that I don’t have to do what most people would have to do to get the part, so deal with it if you want me in your movie.”   This is the equivalent of Will Smith saying, “I know that Ali did X in his life but I don’t agree with it so I won’t act that part of the movie.”

So before we give Lawrence “all the things” for being a wonderful person who is fighting for women who are being oppressed lets take an actual look at what she is saying.  It’s not that she is wrong about how messed up women’s body image is.  It is just that her message is not being conveyed very well.

Does anybody else see this or am I all alone?



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