Giving Stuff


Most people have extra they can give.  Especially in the United States.

I try every year to go through my extra stuff and find things that I can give away.  If its a pair of pants that don’t fit any longer or even a pot that may not get much use any more I think its good to give.

Why is it important to give things?  For one thing,  its a form of recycling.  If you give through your local thrift shop, have your own garage sale (which really isn’t GIVING, but kinda), or just donating to a local shelter that in turns gives it to those who are in need.  I am a fan of shelters first and then maybe giving to a local thrift shop even though they have created a business model of of getting free stuff to sell but giving is very important.  You can even give directly to a friend or person in need.

This one is fairly straight forward and there is not a lot to say about it.  But unless something is actually trash, like a plastic bag that you SHOULD recycle, or beyond repair then you should be giving it away to somebody or some organization in need.

What are some of the places that you give to?



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